ASC - Aluminium and Steel Construction
For 11 years we have been offering our customers high-quality aluminium system solutions.

Our goal is to think ahead and design products that meet the specific wishes of our customers. The variety of construction solutions, many years of experience in individual projects and in sophisticated system solutions, especially on the Swedish market, are among our strengths. We have a strong team of constructors with international experience.

With our 140 employees we realize sophisticated and object-specific facade solutions. We are certified according to ISO 9001. We process the profiles of Schüco, Aluprof, Wicona.

We are constantly developing our systems to give our customers a head start through innovative ideas and through continuous investments in our machinery, we are always able to offer our customers an optimal solution.
Our strengths

1. We offer complete solutions from a single source: from consulting, planning, material selection and procurement through profile processing, quality assurance and finishing to joining technology and assembly.

2. We save your time and costs, including those arising during installation.

3. We offer quality, adherence to delivery dates and short delivery times.

4. ASC's strengths include installation strategy, site logistics and operations. Our customers, especially general contractors, appreciate these skills.

5. We will always find a suitable solution for you!


Mullion-transom systems consist of longer vertical mullions attached to the building structure and shorter horizontal transoms between them. The mullions and transoms form frames into which cladding materials are installed. The mullions and transoms can be manufactured in the factory, but the complete assembly, installation and glazing takes place on site. The installation strategy takes into account the respective location, schedule and coordination requirements. All ASC operations are based on the requirements of each site.

Modular facades

ASC offers the most innovative curtain walls on the market. They combine aesthetics, performance and economic considerations in optimal solutions tailored to the needs of the customer. Our original modular systems have evolved into a cutting-edge technology through their application in numerous construction projects. Advanced design systems and installation methods have kept pace with this evolution, resulting in improved economy and the top performance of our modular facades. The vertical and horizontal frame elements form independent "modules" that can be mounted and glazed during operation. The modules can be designed for several floors or several horizontal surfaces. They can also contain various functional elements such as ventilation openings and windows. The module systems are manufactured and assembled not on the construction site, but in a controlled operating process. Factory made modules are delivered to the project site and simply attached to the building.

Cladding systems

Glass is the most common filler used in curtain walls. Other cladding materials include Composite Panel or Alucobond. Curtain walls typically span floor slabs, so an opaque covering material is required to cover the edges of the floor slabs, fire protection elements and any mechanical systems between the floors. A spandrel is often placed between transparent glass panels to hide these areas. In order to make the spandrel opaque, a ceramic covering (so-called earth glaze) or a coating are used. Alternatively, the spandrel may be integrated into a structural unit, the so-called Shadow Box.

Fire and smoke protection doors

We are a recognised and certified partner of Schüco. We offer the following door systems:
• Schüco ADS 80 FR 30 - Fire doors T-30 - 30 minutes fire-resistant
• Firestop T90 - Fire doors T-90 - 90 minutes fire-resistant

Our fire and smoke protection doors and elements meet the highest requirements and the legally prescribed directives in Germany. We are a member of:
Überwachungsgemeinschaft für Feuerschutz-, Rauchschutz- und Schutzraumabschlüsse (Surveillance Association for Fire Protection, Smoke Protection and Protective Area Closures)

Überwachungsgemeinschaft für Feuerschutz-, Rauchschutz- und Schutzraumabschlüsse Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. Bauaufsichtlich anerkannte ÜZ-Stelle ÜG 052

Steel components - Steel doors (Jansen, Secco, Stalprofil, Ottostumm, Forster)

Thanks to their high resistance, steel profile doors are a perfect solution for highly frequented buildings such as schools, hospitals etc. Welded corner joints make them even stronger. Steel partition walls offer architects great possibilities in designing the surroundings. Careful processing during production and appropriate preparation for the coating process are the key to the highest quality of these products, which are available in a variety of designs. The use of stainless steel allows us to satisfy the most demanding customers.

Entrance doors – KOBBE

KOBBE external doors mean a high production standard that guarantees the highest degree of security. For the production of our doors we use exclusively high-quality materials and the most modern technological solutions. KOBBE doors have a robust and durable structure and excellent insulation values. We offer an ideal combination of functionality and modern design to meet the needs of our customers.

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Aluminium fences - NIVE

NIVE fences combine modern design, unlimited choice of colours and a reliable and completely corrosion-resistant construction.

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Our team strives to offer the best in quality, service, innovation and experience in all applications of specialty glazing and aluminum.  Our goal is to make projects hassle free for the builders and architects we work for, so we can make them shine in the eyes of their customers.

Our core values followed by us on everyday are: 

Honesty – Professionalism – Knowledge – Innovation — Respect

We aim to be the reference for offering specialty glass products in the unique and high end custom construction market. Modern buildings, with crisp lines and spectacular views emulate our culture. ASC is well established in our core market in Scandinavia. We are always eager to meet with architects and builders to discuss solutions to complex problems for interesting builds anywhere from Ystad to the Nordkapp.


Projektname: Orgeln 7
Projektstandort: Sundbyberg, Stockholm, Schweden
Projektvolumen: ungefähr 8000 m2
Auftraggeber: Fabege

Projektname: Snäckviken KTH
Projektstandort: Södertälje, Schweden
Projektvolumen: ungefähr 1700 m2
Auftraggeber: Aucturum

Projektname: Sodersjukhuset Stockholm (SOS)
Projektstandort: Södertälje, Schweden
Projektvolumen: ungefähr 690 m2
Auftraggeber: NNC